Welcome to the Mind Evolution Training Institute and the Mind Evolution Counseling Services.  

The Training Institute has been supporting the professional development needs of Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Criminal Justice and other professionals since 1998, having trained many hundreds of providers over the years.  Professional development services are current, of an extraordinarily high quality, and are delivered utilizing methods that improve retention and the ability to apply acquired knowledge.  

The Mental Health Counseling and general Counseling Services are available to assist persons in meeting the challenges of daily living and to facilitate improved functioning and well being.  Hours are flexible where individuals and families can clarify areas in need of change, and can develop effective strategies to overcome obstacles and succeed.  

Specialized counseling is available for individuals and families struggling with cannabis abuse, and for those with gambling problems or addictions.

Craig W. Johnson L.M.H.C., C.A.S.A.C.-G

Kevin J. Markman L.C.S.W., C.A.S.A.C.



The office is located at:

215 Alexander Street

Rochester N.Y. 14607




Mind Evolution 
Mastering Mind and Living

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